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BEE-BOP (a/k/a Molly Pritchett) began her career twenty-five years ago as a custom stenciler and canvas floorcloth designer and fabricator. Her work has been featured in numerous design periodicals, books, television shows, designer showhouses and museums. Early American Homes magazine chose her three consecutive years as one of “America’s 200 Best Craftsmen”.

Molly’s passion for fabric, color and entertaining, is the real reason for the birth of Bee-Bop’s Party Wear. She and her husband enjoy traveling all over the world. In her travels, Molly finds time to search for unusual fabric or trim to use for Bee-Bop’s Party Wear. She is committed to delivering a unique, exclusive product. Her creativity is evident in our Premier Collection packages. Each fabric, apron design and table covering was carefully chosen to reflect people from her life who inspired the design.

We participated as a Vendor and Sponsor at a very special event, the METROPOLITAN COOKING & ENTERTAINING SHOW in Washington, DC.  The show featured PAULA DEEN!  Not only did we sell lots of designer aprons, but we were chosen to provide the table linens & flowers for the VIP Lounge, as well as the Paula Deen 'Green Room' (no, the room is NOT painted show business, it is where the celebrities stay until they go on stage).  We all had a great time as customers enjoyed modeling our aprons.  We sold lots of 'Oops' Towel Aprons, a tuxedo apron to a priest from New Jersey... and several sheer, see-thru organza aprons to a nudist!  Who would have thought?!
We had such a great time, we've decided to go to this show every year...and, as a sponsor, we'll be providing the linens for the 'Green Rooms' of Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentis,  (just to name a few!)... and we will also be a participating Vendor.  Check it out at:  The show is the brainchild of Denise Medved of The Tiny Kitchen, and it really is awesome... so check it out and we hope to see you there every year!


Wait Until You See What's Coming!   Bee-Bop is in the process of launching a terrific new line of recycled paper, yes...they are DISPOSABLE,  designer aprons!   Pix will be up soon, so take a look!   They will have their debut to the public at the MCES in Washington, DC on November 4 & 5, 2012,  at the DC Convention Center...Booth #327...Bee-Bop hopes to see you there!

The Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show in Washington, DC continues to treat us like royalty, as it has grown to draw nearly 30,000 attendees in two days!   Isn't that amazing?   Denise Medved, the founder, has amazing tricks up her sleeve to assure it's success!  This past November, we did the Green Rooms not only for Paula Deen and Bobby Flay...but this year....tah dah....RACHAEL RAY!!!   Bee-Bop feels very fortunate to be chosen to do the linens for these celebrities, as well as participate as a vendor.   This show is the ONLY opportunity for her to meet her customers...hear their desires...have them model her aprons...and all in all---have a fantastic time!   She goes back to her sewing room fully inspired with new designs for the coming year.


Custom Tablecloth, Fine Table Linens & Unique Wedding Shower Gift Ideas by Bee Bops – Kitchen & Hostess Aprons

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