Fact or fiction questions with answers - Fact or fiction - 3

Fact or fiction - 3 - Fact or fiction questions with answers

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The truth about the mary celeste a modern steel ship has arrived in the bay of gibraltar a resting place on one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world its crew safely on board sleeping.

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analog science fiction and fact is an american sciencefiction magazine published under various titles since 1930 originally titled astounding stories of superscience the first issue was dated january 1930 published by william clayton and edited by harry bates.

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man flu fact versus fiction man flu is simply a cold the symptoms of which are greatly exaggerated by men false man flu is a serious and potentially life threatening illness and will no doubt soon be on the health and safety executives list of reportable diseases.

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brain wave entrainment fact or fiction would you believe it if someone told you hey theres this new software brainwave generator that allows you to boost your creativity learn 10 times faster than normally and travel out of your body.

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fiction closedcell spray foam insulation installed to the underside of wood roof decks will rot the deck because roof leaks go undetected due to the water resistance of the foam.

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fact or fiction victoria had a halfsister named feodora fact add a halfsister to the list of surprising things weve learned about victoria because she had one and her name was feodora.

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Momentum is the phenomenon that securities that have performed well relative to peers winners on average continue to outperform and securities that have performed relatively poorly losers tend to continue to underperform.

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